Hi! I´m Elmer, your online Guru.

I am a pioneer in Website Building & Online Marketing.

I am a traveling freelancer a.k.a. a digital nomad, that loves the variaties the world has to offer. I am creative and curious. People describe me as reliable as I prefer to stay calm in stressful situations. If you are looking for someone with expertise in Website Building or Online Marketing, I am the one!

Summary of my experience:

  • Bachelor Degree in Communication
  • 3 years experience as Website Builder
  • 2 years experience as Online Marketeer
  • 2 years experience as Social Media Strategist
  • 1 year experience as Email Marketeer
  • Founder of Clothing Brand, Ubuntu Wear
  • Founder of Travel Blog, New Tribe Of Life

"Out-of-the-box thinking fits my box."

- Elmer Emanuels -

How I do it?

Like many things in life it’s all about making the connection. Connect with your business to understand your goals. Over the years, I have developed strong skills in online & offline marketing. I love to share this knowledge due writing a perfect suitable business plan or marketing strategie for your business. I can help you creating a sustaining and strong brand together with a website that it deserves. With all this you can reach your target audience & increase your sales!

Because I am a traveling freelancer, contact between me and the client will be via skype and e-mail. Nowadays this is the perfect method to cooperate in a effective and efficient way.

"The old economy is based on individualism, compative power and increasing market share. While the new economy is based on sharing, giving and build together for the greater good. Let's connect these."

- Elmer Emanuels -