Online Marketing

With having the right online marketing strategy, you will reach your targets in a more efficient way. I help you to investigate the market and online competitors. This will give an insight of the current position of the company. Together with the already stated objectives, I will convert it into a marketing plan. The marketingplan consists out of the following:

  • Current position
  • SWOT
  • Confrotation Matrix
  • An Online Marketing Mix
  • Social Media Plan

Together with that we have a strong focus on:

  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion optimalisation

This completes your online marketing strategy to the fullest. I can do a quick scan for you, so you know exactly what you need!



Social Media

Social media has some unique targeting options that will bring you close to your audience. Using Social Media can have great results, without costing a great deal of money. Through Social Media it's easy to communicate and check out the needs of your target audience. Besides that it's a perfect way to bound with your customers. Which Social Media accounts provides the best results, depends on your purpose and ambition. A lot of companies allready have a marketingplan, but haven't include a special Social Media focus. For these companies a separate social media plan is most suitable.